That Title Though.

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I didn’t write the story or title but I did get my point across I believe. Super honored that my efforts and successes are way beyond the limits expected of my skin. So much more to do— hold on tight!


Hip-Hop Producer Embraces Hunting

Camp Compass Clubhouse

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Ever want something as a kid that you finally got as an adult.  Happy that I’ve been blessed with a vision to help youth.

My Reflections

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This was actually an assignment and I had some jaws on the floor when it was presented.  I’ll never forget what it feels like to be that kid that worked hard to beat the odds.

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I just want to say I love helping kids win. My volunteers love helping kids win. My sponsors love helping kids win. My donors love helping kids win. Last piece to the puzzle is teaching kids that they ultimately will help themselves win!

All I’m Saying is WHOA!

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I’ve seen lots of things in my time on earth but nothing prepared me to live 18 holes of WHOA with my neice Bailey. What I saw this 13 year old do with that golf ball was nothing short of prodigyish. Wouldn’t you know it a week after us playing (actually her playing and me carrying my open mouth expression around in disbelief of her shots) she ended up winning the Golfweek Southeastern Junior Invitational Sunday at Litchfield Country Club. Her rounds of 71-72—143 were good enough to hold off Hanna Kiefer by one shot to win the title and earn a spot in the Golfweek International Junior Invitational Nov. 5-6.  Yep she’s definitely WHOA!


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Gotta love when a team of caring adults can take youth full circle to show them to believe I’mPossible and nothing is impossible.  Each piece of the puzzle-from our after school academy to hunt training to shooting to hunting to taxidermy has a cog connected by caring adults. I’m so proud to be driving such a well oiled machine! Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Assoc. for their horsepower! 

You Tell Me?

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Nothing is mor annoying to me than agendas. I guess because I see both sides of the coin I notice twice as much. The music tracks in outdoor television lately have been trending urban in my opinion. So can we just stop pretending the outdoors are just for one type of person.  

The Secret…

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Another Season is Here…

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I had the chance to start our season with these four boys.  It was a blast and all I can do is thank them for taking me hunting. The time spent at Camp Compass allows us to trust one another and it makes traveling and pressure situations that much more special.

2 More Cents….

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Enough Said!

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img_9165I got this from a former student that I ran into walking in the park.  The talk we had was awesome!

Nice Surprise

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img_9106I just wanted to Thanks Mossy Oak and Covert Cameras for the nice surprise this summer.  Those cameras will allow me to build a curriculum at the acaemy that will be worlds ahead of most learning  in traditional classrooms.

Sandy Granitz

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xgcz5916I had the chance to shoot in the Sandy Granitz memorial shoot with my support staff.  Joe Granitz and Sandy both volunteered their time to Camp Compass and she will be missed.  While afield we talked about how far we have come and got to spend some much needed time with Joe reminiscing.

So Much More to Farming

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img_9016I had my first chance to climb in the combine this year after a few years of learning about planting cycles and soil sampling.  While I found the time in the “big” machine very interesting I just couldn’t wrap my head around the bushel counts and field yieldings.  I took this picture to remind me the next time I participate in the crop collection to just go along for the ride and smile!

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