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nbcHere’s  a news piece that was done by NBC correspondent Stacey Weaver on my efforts to help children.

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Review by James A. Swan, Ph.D.

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‘From the Hood To The Woods’

colmug_swan_jamesBy James A. Swan, Ph.D., ESPNOutdoors.com

It’s no secret that most people who live in urban areas far removed from forests, clean rivers filled with fish, flocks of ducks and 10-point bucks are not avid hunters and fishermen. Continue reading “Review by James A. Swan, Ph.D.” »

Mean streets: There and back again

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Mean streets:

There and back again

Annoni’s desire to connect city kids with nature is the result of his own difficult childhood. An Allentown native, Annoni was raised by his maternal grandparents, Mary and Henry Angelo Annoni, who lived in a modest home at Second and Linden streets. Continue reading “Mean streets: There and back again” »

John Named to Mossy Oak’s Elite Prostaff

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mossy oak camo.

mossy oak camo.


John Annoni has joined the best team of national hunters in the world by being named to Mossy Oak’s National Pro Staff.  “It’s more of an honor than I can describe.” 

Jim Shepherd , The Outdoor Wire

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From the Hood to the Woods
by Jim Shepherd , The Outdoor Wire
posted August 14, 2009

I’m fortunate enough to have enjoyed what I’d have to call an average childhood. A loving family, a good home, and the presence of friends and neighbors who believed in – and practiced – the golden rule. We weren’t the Ward Cleaver family, but we enjoyed our lives – and each other. It was a childhood that taught the values I’ve taken with me most of my adult life. Continue reading “Jim Shepherd , The Outdoor Wire” »

Upward Bound Book Signing

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upward bound

On Sunday the second annual upward bound event had an great turnout with John and Landon signing books and answereing questions about the efforts of Camp Compass.

The One

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Nice Fish!

Nice Fish!


Fishing aboard the Knott Nancy out of Miami Florida Landon caught his biggest fish a 13lb bonita on light tackle. After catching a ton of yellow tail, blue runners Capt.Dave suggested a short run off shore which from the Miami port was only 10 mins. Back to Academy work on Tues. We were floored that we could catch open water fish so close to the beach. 5 star outfitter rating!!

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