Beyond One Day

If you actually care about the youth in America, as I certainly do, you’re always in the race against time with them. Their lives are virtually at critical mass, ready to explode in any direction. Each individual adolescent is verging on adulthood with pliant psyches bombarded by peer pressure and in some cases, held hostage to a society that teaches more about failure than

I see opportunity in every child especially during their pre-teen and teen years. Our children are clearly at their most impressionable level. It’s a time when the most good can be done in terms of building self-worth. The key is to have each youth believe that success is possible and that failure is not imminent. We lose them when they give up their quest for a better life.

Speaking as one who survived and has given back; I have long understood it takes going beyond academics or a one day event to help a child flourish in their born to environment. Children need to feel the joy and jubilation of a world apart- a world that is accessible and filled with dreams. They need you and I to embrace their participation and to reward them with tangible proof of their worth in our sometimes selfish society.

For over 2 decades, I have guided students, parents, and families through the barriers adolescents face in the classroom and in their daily lives.Beyond One Day provides a practical and strategic pathway for others who are interested in mentoring development, or building their “dream giveback” to proceed with a general framework of tips, ideas and strategies. I want you, your friends, co-workers, organizations and businesses to approach the desire of giving back to be without pitfalls and without fear.






John F. Annoni