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Radio Show with Cam & Co.

I just did a radio show with Cam and Co. on the NRA News.


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Click Here        (right pane 71.1 and 71.2)

Host Jerry Evans, talks to John Annoni, SCI Educator of The Year 1999, Author, Director of Camp Compass.  Opening remarks about the weather and hunting opportunities that are still available.  Part 1 of this two part interview with John Annoni…John talks about the AWLS program, Camp Compass, the NBC News feature on Camp Compass and his book – From The Hood To The Woods

ESPN OUTDOORS–Firsts in the Field

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I was just informed that ESPN Outdoors has posted my story about my first deer.  You can click here to read it Continue reading “ESPN OUTDOORS–Firsts in the Field” »

Radio Interview with Dan Small

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radio interview

radio interview

Here’s my most recent radio interview with Dan Small.


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nbcHere’s  a news piece that was done by NBC correspondent Stacey Weaver on my efforts to help children.

Continue reading “NBC NEWS PHILADELPHIA” »

Building the program

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Volunteer Chad Groover of Slatington, a teacher at Trexler Middle School, talks to students at Allentown's Camp Compass Academy. (MONICA CABRERA/TMC)

For the first two years, Camp Compass was just that – a week-long summer camp where youngsters had the opportunity to experience activities such as white-water rafting, taxidermy, archery, rifle shooting and fly fishing.

The Camp Compass name was chosen, Annoni said, because we ”wanted something to show that we were really trying to point kids in the right direction.” The word academy was added later when the program expanded to include a weekly, after-school mentoring session. Continue reading “Building the program” »

Mean streets: There and back again

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Mean streets:

There and back again

Annoni’s desire to connect city kids with nature is the result of his own difficult childhood. An Allentown native, Annoni was raised by his maternal grandparents, Mary and Henry Angelo Annoni, who lived in a modest home at Second and Linden streets. Continue reading “Mean streets: There and back again” »

Man on a mission

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Man on a mission

Teacher pours his passion for the outdoors into inner city youth

From The Morning Call — February 27, 2005
By Christian Berg

When John Annoni tells people what he’s doing with his life, he knows what many of them are thinking. This man is either crazy or a fool. Continue reading “Man on a mission” »

The Issues: Gun Control

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Kerry Seeks Stronger Assault Weapons Ban; Bush Prefers Current Law

CBS News continues an election-year series titled “What Does It Mean To You?” focused on where the presidential candidates stand on major issues and how a vote for one or the other candidate might affect average people’s lives. Continue reading “The Issues: Gun Control” »