Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

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Chad Groover has been by my side in this fight to save our heritage and youth for 15 years.  His words in this piece I hold very dear because its straight from the horses mouth and that horse tells it like it is!

It’s been a while…

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Some Visuals To Let You Know I’m Still At IT

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Community Perspectives Reflection

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Introducing Hunting Awareness

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I just Can’t Keep Up……

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I must be completely honest helping kids and healing the world has me overwhelmed, so my blog has suffered.  Here are some random ordered pictures from the last 5 months to prove I’m still at it!

Food For Thought

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You Never Know…

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IMG_1979Big Shout Out to MCCLARIN ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL for allowing me to visit while in Atlanta.  It’s always nice to see what schools can produce and I was most impressed by the effort put forth by the students and staff while hosting our Cornell group.  I’m looking forward to following up with them in the near future.  As I told the teens “you never know who is watching.”

Cornell Connection

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IMG_2023I’m so honored to be part of a special collaboration between nonprofits from across the country and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  We have been working together for almost 2 and a half years and the output has been eye opening.  I’m t humbled to have a college of that stature willing to listen to the road I have traveled and to take my work seriously.

Mature and Ready to Take Over the World

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IMG_1862Look at the diversity in this picture.  Now listen to way these 3 girls are making the world a bit better.  Problems among students are common in school but how they get worked out is the bigger issue.  In my 28 years of teaching I have never heard a more mature conversation regarding resolving a dispute.  The poise and understanding shown in the discussion about an personal issue (that could have escalated) lets me know that the future is going to be bright especially if these three take leadership roles in their community.  Big shout out to the families raising these special young ladies.

Great American Outdoor Show

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IMG_1552It was absolutely awesome to see so many friends at the “Harrisburg” show.  Getting to see my adopted uncle Ed Tibljas was the highlight of my time there.  Getting to relive memories in his trade show booth we so very special. When ever some one asked me where he was located I simply said under the 6000 sign.  That aoudad sheep hunt was bananas!

Climbing the Mountain

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Nice to see that our efforts are being recognized.  Here is the grant award from the Great American Outdoor show.  The NRA Foundation hosted the event and Alan Coors and Kahr Firearms were present to share in the celebration.


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IMG_1518Visit with me at the Great American Outdoor Show on Saturday Feb. 4th.  and change your Facebook overlay to show everyone you were at the show!


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IMG_1440All I know is these 3 surprised me for my birthday by taking me to dinner. After 5 years together I guess I should be ok with the gray away they gave me–LOL.

Get your GAOS Overlay

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IMG_1451I’ll be at the Great American Outdoor Show and you can show others you will be there too. Visit CAMODIFF.COM to get your special overlay. Thanks to the NRA Foundation and to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation for their support with this message.

Just Saying…..

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WRGG8770Confident but not cocky!

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