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    • John Annoni is an educator in the Allentown School District, author, inventor and founder of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets.



students blurred so other adults don’t bother them for breakfast! LOL!

 Gotta say a big thank you to all of the 6th graders in Ms. Ohmke ‘s class for the breakfast invite.  Hell the kids could have thrown the food away before they thought about me eating with them.  Big win for us all because we got to break bread together and see that we are similar beyond the books.

Been Busy….

john laughI have to say that phrase “you can’t keep a good man down” has new meaning for me.  I’m not saying I’m a good guy, I’ll let my work speak for itself but I have to say not even a boot with 2 surgeries keeps me from wanting to make lives of kids better.  Lots of Good Things are happening from new partnerships, to fundraising ideas to speaking to other nonprofits about what WE do and how WE get it done.  I will be announcing  a few new partnesrships standing  behind moving my idealogies and work forward but in the meantime enjoy the  sun’s heat we have left—HUNTING SEASON is coming.

It Can Always Be Worse!


How many crutches can you count?

I’m writing to get you updated regarding my family. The past 14 days have been the most demanding I have had to endure. I broke my fibula and tore my Achilles. I’ll be out for about 8 weeks. That however is small compared to the news we received about Landon. As you may know he broke his scaphoid in Jan. and was committed to making the high school team. He worked his ass off and was able to earn a spot. He has been having a tremendous Connie Mack season as a lead off hitter and great success in the adult league he was playing in. After a game he walked into the garage and felt a pain in his left knee. We anticipated it being a tear or something similarly small. Unfortunately we found out after an attempted surgery that the damage to his knee (ocd) was too great to fix and required a bone culture in hopes of growing cells to reimplant into his knee (aci)

I realize life isn’t fair and I have dedicated my life to balancing the scales for so many kids that aren’t mine so that they can experience some fairness. I’m just crushed that Landon’s scale was tipped so unfavorably at a crucial time in his life.

Right now Annette is taking care of 2 guys on crutches, canceling and re routing summer trips I had planned with camp kids and with my own family. Please pray for her and Landon and if you have free minute me as well. I’ll find the silver lining so will my family but damn why does looking for it hurt so much.  I guess my injury compounded with Landon’s has me really contemplating being unlucky and that’s something I can’t control. However I’ll do my best to keep a good  attitude. Thanks for being in my family’s corner.


What’s Up DC


The opportunity to speak before the House of Representatives about the “SHARE Act” was a big moment for me.  Speaking on behalf of the unheard voice of children was a rewarding experience.  I’m humbled that the message of access was heard and seriously considered. Hoping to continue to use this momentum to change the world even more in favor of youth.

Please go to and sign the petition for our kids. Thanks!

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