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Knowing John Annoni


From the Hood to the Woods

The true story of one teacher's courageous outdoor development program that is giving hope, inspiration and real-world success skills to disadvantaged inner-city kids.

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Beyond One Day

John Annoni's second book that gives tips, stories and mistakes he experienced working with youth in the outdoors. It's a framework to help those who want to help children succeed.

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October 20, 2018

Building Lifelong Hunters

An article written by Steve Sorensen published in September 2018 on
October 2, 2018

A Hero for the Next Generation

September 25, 2018

If I Show You, Then It Can’t Be Questioned!

People of all ages appreciate John's work

What They're Are Saying

  • Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, Sr. VP Media Services
    John Annoni and his staff have the total support and more importantly, the respect of all of us at Mossy Oak Brand Camo.
  • Amy Hendrickson, Senior Vice President
    This program is especially important because it includes long term engagement with children instead of just a weekend activity.
  • Roy C. Afflerbach, Mayor
    This outdoor organization, serving the neighborhoods of the city, joins cultures, ages and various socioeconomic groups to ensure that the outdoor heritage of our country is available to all of our children.
    Roy C. Afflerbach, Mayor
    City of Allentown
  • Joel Brice, Waterfowl Biologist
    Camp Compass Academy’s practice of using hunting and fishing to foster social and academic success should be commended.
  • Dave Ranard, President
    You have set the standard for youth programs related to hunting, fishing and the great outdoors in the U.S.
    Dave Ranard, President
    Hunter Dan Action figures
  • Thomas Mitchell, CEO
    Camp Compass serves a need with kids that is not duplicated elsewhere.”
    Thomas Mitchell, CEO
  • Tom Fegley, Retired Outdoors Editor
    This is a worthwhile program which, I sincerely believe, deserves financial support. Camp Compass has been and continues to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for youngsters whose lives are being pointed in the right direction.
  • Corinne, Student
    I love Mr. Annoni he’s the best. I wish I could have him again.when he taught history he was sooooo funny.last year I was actually sad I miss 6th grade so much.
    Corinne, Student
  • Andres, Student
    He is nice,funny and he always helps you if you need it and I wish I could have Mr.Annoni for a teacher forever I think that Mr.Annoni is the best teacher any student will want.
    Andres, Student
  • Zack, Student
    I think he is a nice person and he is the best science and math teacher in the whole school. He is the best and the ghetto’est teacher I ever had. I think he is a nice teacher and that he is funny as well and he is the best math and science teacher in the whole school, A teacher that teaches beyond Math.
    Zack, Student