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    • John Annoni is an educator in the Allentown School District, author, inventor and founder of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets.

A Winner!

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Congratulations to my son on overcoming a tough situation to make his high school jv team.  Many of you know that he worked his tail off since being cut last year as a freshman and now he can proudly wear a team hoodie wherever he goes.  We never know what the future holds but I’m excited to see the doors that will open for my son and the camp compass kids.

I’m not Just Saying I’m the best, I’m Proving It!

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At the POMA conference I got to prove kids, students, young adults all are cenetered  in my lane.  I find it funny that many people tend to think that talking to a youth for a few minutes will magically fix their percieved problems or issues.  I’m very fond of people that adopt children becasue it officially shows they  plan on being in that young life for better of for worse.  I guess you can say my efforts are bulit around that concept.  So here’s the open inviatation to visit with me and to talk with my kids about mentoring and being mentored in the outdoors.  Anyone can take a kid hunting, shooting or fishing but when it comes to developing youth through those activites I’m calling out all of the paper champions and letting them know I have nothing to loose by calling your bluff.

John & Landon Annoni: Young Minority Men and Firearms

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John Annoni is the founder of Camp Compass, a program that brings urban students to the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He and his son Landon respond to reported comments made by gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg while speaking at the Aspen Institute. Bloomberg is reported to have said that cities must take away firearms from all young minority males, in order to reduce violent crime. As a young minority male, Landon provides his perspective on firearms safety, and talks about hunting and shooting. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 02/10/15

Tentative Book Signing and Appearance Schedule

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Jan. 10  Boonies Int. Film Festival

Jan. 17th Lehigh University

January  22 and 23 SHOT Show

Jan  31 Cornell University

Feb 7th Great Outdoor Show /NRA

Feb. 13 and 14 NWTF

Feb 28th Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Show

March 7th Lehigh Valley Sportsman Show

March 13 and 14th  Lehigh valley SCI

March 21 Professional Outdoor Media Association

April 11  NRA Convention

Doing What We Like To Do

IMG_7286I just can’t get enough of my son. As he gets older, I realize the time we have together is shrinking. There is no better way to spend time together than by sitting in a box or a blind with nothing to do but whisper about life. I’ll pray we can keep doing it until  time runs out.




My New Book


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“We have them for so little time, then they are grown.”

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If you actually care about the youth in America, as I certainly do, you’re always in the race against time with them. Their lives are virtually at critical mass, ready to explode in any direction. Each individual adolescent is verging on adulthood with pliant psyches bombarded by peer pressure and in some cases, held hostage to a society that teaches more about failure than success. Continue reading “My New Book” »


PER FACEBOOK—Over the next week, we will share some photos from our 14th Pennsylvania Taxidermy Reward Event at Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA.  I have to be honest about my feelings here after an emotional morning.  I actually took over the account for this post–I  am john annoni and I Continue reading “I SAID IT!” »

Different Levels of Mentoring

Numbers, they play a part of how people perceive success.  In the outdoor industry mentoring  numbers seem to be flying all over the place and I just wish someone would use a couple of rounds to start shooting some of them down.   A good reading example would be the words mentoring  vs MENTORING   they both sound the same but they are not.  They are different in a lot of ways; color, size, shape, expression.  We should continue to see who’s setting the bar, who really measures up  in development not in marketing dollars.   My door is wide open and  you’re welcome to visit with me anytime but be prepared to see the red word vs the black one above.

16 Now

Where does time go?  It seems like yesterday that I was holding Landon in my arms with his bottle.  I’ve tried hard to be a good father , one that showed my son and other youth a life path to the future.  A road  that is filled with caring,  a lot of sacrifice and some smiles.   I couldn’t be prouder of the footsteps Landon is now taking on his own.  Hey world my son is coming and I hope you are ready for him.  Happy 16th Birthday all year long!

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