Here it is. The True Directions Show

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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

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Chad Groover has been by my side in this fight to save our heritage and youth for 15 years.  His words in this piece I hold very dear because its straight from the horses mouth and that horse tells it like it is!

America’s Leading Outdoor Mentor and Educator John Annoni Wins the Lauretta Woodson Award

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The Lehigh County chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees selected John Annoni from the Allentown School District to be the recipient of the Lauretta Woodson Awards for the 2015-2016 school year. The purpose of the Lauretta Woodson Recognition Program is to honor one educator for doing an outstanding job within the profession of teaching. Continue reading “America’s Leading Outdoor Mentor and Educator John Annoni Wins the Lauretta Woodson Award” »

2016 season’s turkey pics

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Luv My Bow Guys….

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Simply stated,  I don’t get much personal play time so when it comes to my equipment it has to be done right.  My bows are my pride and joy and they just got the gold glove service from my techs.  I can’t share their names but just know they are good and retired,  sorry bow-hunting friends but they are all mine!

Another Youth Turkey Season

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Landon now is too old to go for youth day which gets rid of the guilt monster.  Once again it was back to Full Fan Lodge to chase birds.  This year after the show, we hooked up with a great family that opened their property to us.  It’s always about proving your worth and I’ll do my best to keep that happening so more kids can compete against Mother Nature.

Just Saying…

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What did I do?

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IMG_4766[1]This picture was taken after 6 weeks of studying for the state hunter safety exam.  All passed and again compliments from the instructors were numerous.  Building Camp Compass is a labor of love or suicide depending on who is calling that shot.  Well,  I keep a Kamikaze Headband with me at all times to show my kids how far I’m willing to go for them.

True Directions

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When we get together with Mossy Oak magic usually happens.  Well this time the magic was captured and turned into a nice TV show that featured some of our boys hunting turkey at Full Fan Lodge.  We are excited to be able to show you this show both here and on the Camp Compass website.

Thanks McGregor

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IMG_4376[1]I love this quote from Connor McGregor.  Here is a picture to prove it.  Nice Afro huh?

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